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The Blackburn Culinary Academy is involved in the UNO Service Learning Program and with UNO students enrolled in the Geriatric Program.  Blackburn students serve a weekly meal to the Adams Center Senior Citizens.  Blackburn students look forward to interacting with their senior friends every week.  At the end of the year, the Service Learning Academy and the Culinary students will combine efforts to compile a cookbook of some of the recipes they have prepared and served.  These cookbooks will be shared with the senior citizens and the Blackburn Culinary Students.

The Culinary Academy offers Food and Nutrition 1-2 classes and a Culinary 1-2 class.  They engage in safety and sanitation practices, preparing nutritious foods and meals which include a variety of seasonings and preparation techniques.  Creative food presentation is an important (and exciting) component of the Culinary Academy hands-on learning experience.  Culinary academy students also learn and utilize relationship skills with peers, senior citizens and people of all ages.   Students apply resource management which involves detailed planning/organization/management of time, work area, and storage area as well as the estimated/actual cost per meal per person.  The Culinary Academy includes a variety of experiences for students as they journey on the path of preparing for culinary home and job skills.