Blackburn Alternative High School


Blackburn High School is located in north central Omaha at 2606 Hamilton.  Blackburn is an alternative education site serving 9-12 graders who meet the entrance criteria.

All basic high school courses are offered for regular and special education students with emphasis on improving social, study, and employability skills. An individualized education plan is developed with a specific educational goal and a timeline to achieve that goal.

As an alternative education site, Blackburn provides smaller classes, flexible scheduling, and self-pacing to complete courses.  Students who demonstrate good attendance, appropriate behavior, and academic achievement are recommended to return to traditional high school.

Teachers and staff teach the skills and provide the support to assist students to have a positive and educationally rewarding experience at Blackburn and in the future.

Blackburn Alternative 
High School
2606 Ha
milton St.
Omaha, NE 68131

Phone 531-299-2820
Fax 531-299-2829